The general idea of the campaign is the concept of “sharing”. While working, “Bushe” employees constantly share with each other (and customers) their experience, opinions, impressions, mood. This sharing of values forms the community, which “Bushe” company stands for.

Images of three “Bushe” values take central place in the posters composition – respect, involvement and professionalism – collected from iconic products of the company, symbolizing each value. Consumers associate many of these products exactly with “Bushe”.

Handwritten copylines along with hashtags create visual and content context. We used the format of hashtag not by a chance: “Bushe” is active in social media and uses hashtags in their online and offline communication, it is the familiar and clear symbol for the company.

The pairs “copyline – hashtag” uncover the components of one or the other value in details, explain the meanings in interpretation of “Bushe” and in context of the company’s business.

Also the postcards – posters replicas – became the informational medium.

Creative team:
Project managers: Ilona Koltynyuk, Ekaterina Saburova
Creative director: Alexander Suvorov
Art Director: Irina Shmidt
Copywriter: Anton Borisov
Designer: Olga Baol
Typographer: Konstantin Biryukov

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 2006  DEZA
Made by «Artleks»